Why Counselling?

In your journey through life you may experience loss and pain; you may feel that you are losing control, or that your life lacks the meaning it once had. You may find that you are becoming dissatisfied with or uncertain about the relationship between you and your partner, or with relatives, friends or work colleagues. At this time you may find it useful to talk confidentially with someone from outside your family or social group.

Counselling can provide help in coming to terms with these and other issues that may be affecting your sense of well-being. Counselling can support you in developing a better understanding of your feelings, of what you believe about yourself and of your behaviour. Through this understanding comes the opportunity to develop new skills, make new life choices and develop a deeper sense of self-acceptance.

My Specialisms:

In my years of practice I have developed insights and engaged in additional training in the following areas:

Relationship issues
Loss / bereavement
Substance use
Anger management
Workplace problems
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Men’s issues
Personal growth
Life changes – midlife crisis / divorce / retirement / redundancy
Spiritual issues
Self-destructive behaviour
Loss of direction in life

Contact Jeremy Brooks:

I can help you through a range of emotional issues such as are outlined above. I am always only a phone call away, so contact me now to begin your journey with psychotherapy.